Christmas Gifts

Christmas box ticked: All presents for the family ready

For the first time ever, I’ve paid sorted all my gifts out in one go. I’m so happy. Thank goodness for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There’s been some great deals this year.

Here is what I got.

Daddy’s Christmas present

I decided to get my dad an electric shaver. He was complaining about his electric shaver breaking down. Based on the reviews, I decided that he’ll be happy with this present. Plus it’s more than shaver, it is also useful for removing that horrible nose hair, trimming beard and also clipping hair (hopefully he doesn’t start clipping his own hair).

Mummy’s present

I got my an Amazon Kindle. It was reduced by £30 on Amazon and it was about time she replaced her hard books with a Kindle. Now I just have to teach her how to configure it and start ordering books. I might add a few books to kickstart her usage.

My Brother’s Christmas present

To be honest with you. This one was the easiest and the hardest. My brother seems to always develop new tastes. But one thing he’s always gone on about is reading the Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin. He always talks about the show with such passion that I thought GoT books might be the next step for him.

My sister’s present

My sister has just moved in with fiancee and no longer has access to a smoothie maker. I know she’ll be delighted with this present. Along with running marathons, making smoothies is her favourite past-time. And there’s nothing better than a Ninja smoothie maker.

My sister’s fiancee

This was the hardest one to choose. I don’t know him too well. But I get the impression he likes technology and photography. I thought maybe a photography¬†tripod might be a suitable present. He did mention that he doesn’t have tripod.

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